EU Project Dissemination Website Guide

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  • Learn how to plan, develop and operate EU projects websites with step-by-step tutorials and downloadable resources
  • Designed for project managers and EU professionals
  • Based on 15+ years working experience in the EU bubble

What you’ll learn – Structured like a roadmap, this guide coaches the reader through the whole lifespan of a typical dissemination website for EU funded projects.

  • Gather and prepare data and assets internally before involving subcontractors.
  • Centralise domain, hosting, social channels and other services to save costs and keep a tighter control of the project.
  • Describe the website design and technical requirements. Select and subcontract appropriate suppliers.
  • Manage the website development steps with method and clarity: design, features, testing and launch.
  • Introduce a systematic, document-based approach to dissemination and measuring results.
  • Prepare the website for post-funding visibility. Then, terminate and archive the proper way.

What you get – More than just an informative ebook, this guide is a professional learning solution, including downloadable materials worth more than 500€!

  • The Guide (55 pages, 7 chapters)
    Instant download available in PDF and ePub format.
  • Checklists – Each of the 7 parts of the guide is summarised by a final checklist, available in download as Word, Pages, or PDF.
  • Request For Proposal Template – A detailed, complete RFP template, available in download as Word, Pages, or PDF.
  • GDPR Privacy and Cookie Policy Templates – GDPR-compliant templates ready to be used for your own projects.
  • Examples – 10+ downloadable examples and documents, available as downloadable files.
  • 1 year updates – Receive new versions of the guide free for up to one year after your purchase.